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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>>shelby: breaking news right now from kuhnton. >> field problems, paint at the 50 in particular and in the end zone, too slippery, not safe. game cancelled. >> you heard it right there. the pro football hall of fame was set to begin. it was because of poor playing field conditions. the green bay packers and indianapolis colts players left just standing around. let's head over to mark schwab with the breaking details on this stunning story. >>mark: they felt the field could not be played upon. last nightin duck tease all had their speeches, brett favre made that really long one. had to get all that out of the way, tear that down and get the field set for tonight's game.
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they do this every year. but this year is in different because it is a different field. it's the field turf that artificial grass. but this particular field is not the one they've had in years past. it is new to them. this field came from the saints' home stadium last year. it was also used in the sugar bowl. for some reason when they were prepping it with the paint it did not react well to paint. logos that other stuff you see on the field, parts were too slick. other parts sticky. i s it was like cement. hall of fame president david baker just felt it was an unsafe surface and somebody might get hurt. >> this is a brand new field. it passed the test when it was first installed. it passed the test this morning when the cover came off of it from the enshrinement. but apparently as a result of painting some things at midfield in the end zone, the paint kind of congealed. in the end if it's remotely close to being unsafe, we
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we think the best thing to do is respect the safety of the players. it's the only thing to do. >>mark: well, the hall is obviously going to refund all of those fans, but they'll have to do more than that because people came from all over to see this game between green bay and indianapolis. a lot of people in a lot of meetings tomorrow in canton at the hall of fame going what do we do now? she will buy. >>shelby: fans, the last to know about this cancellation. hall of fame president making the announcen 8:00 tonight. that was more than an hour after players got the word. can you belt fans were not happy. shanice dunning has that side of the story. >>reporter: thousands of fans are leaving canton after finding out the hall of fame game is cancelled. some drove hours to be here. and as you can imagine, they were upset. >> i mean you drive eight hours to see some football and it's kind of disappointing. just want to see some live action. >> real disappointed. we waited a long time.
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went through playing holy hell. it's been a real exciting weekend. but this really sucked though. it did. >> a lot of very angry people, he is intentionally since we weren't getting questions answered and news stations were saying it was cancelled and they didn't know yet. >> the nfl says they do plan to refund tickets. we did talk to some fans. they don't have information yet on just when or how that will happen. getting answers shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. thank you, shanice. let's turn now to the weather there is rain in the not too distant future which is what we need to hear. meteorologist jon loufman is here with the first alert center details. what are we looking at? >>jon: we're looking at a night that is absolutely gorgeous. after a beautiful, beautiful day, and it continues as we make our way through the nighttime hours. headlines include these, fair skies, easy sleeping. open the windows, enjoy.
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workweek. heat and humidity build with a few mid week storms and we certainly need the rain. temperatures tonight take a tumble from a 70 at 1:00 to mid 60s at 5:00 a.m. we'll head down to around 60, a few spots in the 50s. hour by hour through tomorrow, and the next 7, all coming up in just a few. >>shelby: thank you. we'll remember you can follow conditions for the week ahead with the cleveland 19 first alert weather app for your smartphone or for your tablet. sad news tonight about a family already tragedy. randy budd has died at the age of 55. for the past two years he was caring for his wife sharon. she's the uniontown teacher who nearly died when teens threw a rock the size of a volleyball off a pennsylvania overpass. it hit the budd family's car back in 2014. couple recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. the family right now is asking for privacy. we're also following breaking news out of cincinnati. police shot and killed a man
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he held a. >>i have to a security officer's throat. police killed the man when he ran at them. the investigation is just beginning. tonight family and friends remembered a young cleveland father killed outside a popular club in the warehouse district. 29-year-old zachary larney of euclid was attacked in front of rumor club on west sixth street last month. larney graduated from lakewood high school in 2005. he played basketball at tri-c and lake gary college. his funeral is planned for next saturd. a maintenance worker at cedar point got hurt on the gem my rollercoaster today. we first brought you this breaking news at 6:00. witnesses tell us he fell from the ride to the ground before. a rep for did amusement park would only tell us he had a non-life-threatening injury. stay with cleveland 19 news for the very latest. a michigan man behind bars tonight accused of passing out candy laced with marijuana chemical thc. this happened at a music festival in richland county.
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the hospital after eating it. denise zarrella is getting answers on how police made the arrest. >> if you look this is what we have actually found. >>reporter: richland county sheriff's department captain holds up a small bag of thc laced candy confiscated by police. investigators say 24 concertgoers at the est music festival held in butler were suddenly in need of medical help after eating the candy. thc is described as the main mind altering part of marijuana. >> t discomfort, not feeling normal. so no specific things that we could link to any particular treatment. that's why we contacted medical people. >> hours after the bad reactions to the candy, another concerts goer saw something that would help police make an arrest. the witness who took these pictures for police said that she snapped them because she noticed this guy reaching his his backpack and pulling out candy packets similar to the ones that sent people to the hospital earlier.
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michigan, charged him with drug trafficking. a security guard from the music festival located gross. he told police they could search his bag. inside they found drug paraphernalia and a packet of the candy that matched the earlier packets laced with the thc. two of the same packets were found in one of his pockets. investigators say gross initially said he picked up the packets from off of the ground. police didn't buy that. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19. we turn now to campaign 2016. the election about 13 weeks away. hillary clinton has a sizeable lead in many pollings while donald trump is looking to pitch the reset button after a very bad week. supporters for both presidential candidates hit the sunday morning talk shows. wendy gillette takes a look from new york. >>reporter: donald trump support is sliding after a rough week. a new washington post abc news poll finds the republican nominee has the support of 42%
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compared to 50% for hillary clinton. according tow a cbs news battleground tracker poll, clinton is also ahead of trump in key swing states. up by 12 points in virginia, two points in nevada. but trump is hoping to make up ground monday in detroit, where he'll give a speech on the economy. his plan is to slash corporate taxes from 35 to 15%. >> mr. speaker, his numbers don't add up. >> of course not. i think historically no >>reporter: clinton will offer up her own vision for the economy thursday. she's hoping to move attention away from her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. the issue resurfaced sunday with news that iran executed an iranian nuclear scientist hoe was also a u.s. spy. >> in the emails that were on hillary clinton's private server there were conversations among her senior advisers about this gentleman. that goes to show just how reckless and careless her decisions was to put that kind
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on a private server. >>reporter: clinton's running mate came to her defense. >> i have heard hillary clinton say over and over again, when i've been sitting next to her and when i've watched her on tv, with respect to the emails i've made a mays the and i wouldn't do it again. >> clinton holds her next campaign event monday in florida. wendy gillette, new york. ohio governor john kasich break breaking silence explaining why convention. >> i didn't go because i just don't -- i think it's about manners, you know, if i wasn't prepared to go there and get up and endorse a nominee, i just thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall. >> kasich refused to say whether he would vote for trump in november. he did say he will not be voting for hillary clinton. a traffic alert right now. starting tomorrow the shore way will be closed in both
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also direct access from clifton boulevard to the eastbound shore way will be closed for about 25 days. that's for bridge work. clifton traffic will be detoured north into west boulevard. drivers will have to get on the shore way at the lake avenue exit ramp, which will be converted to two-way use. heavy rains triggered landslides in mexico. details still ahead on cleveland 19 news. fishermen. check out this video. they got treated to quite a show on the water. john? >>jon: wow, we're going to hook into some seasonal temperatures as we make our way through tomorrow. but a pleasant start to the workweek. beyond that, big changes in the 7 day. all about them, hour by hour through tomorrow and beyond,
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>>shelby: at least 18 people have been killed in two mexican states by landslides. the storm brought 18 inches of rain and wind speeds up to few days. here's more. >>reporter: in its wake, tropical storm earl left complete devastation in communities throughout the mexican states of vera cruz and puebla. soldiers helped dig through the damage after landslides buried homes, killing at least 18 people, including one small child. over the past few days, earl dumped up to 18 inches of rain in some areas. and registered damaging wind
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families trying to escape the floodwaters were caught off guard and unable to evacuate fast enough. earl reached hurricane levels earlier this week as it moved through central america. nearly submerging a town in belize and destroying a major bridge in guatemala. earl is gone but the threat of severe weather still remains. parts of central and western mexico are expecting more rain this week as another storm is developing off the pacific coast. potential mudslides and severe flooding. tonight police say the death of a ten-year-old boy at a water park in kansas city was an accident. the boy died riding a water slide that's billed as the world's tallest. it sends riders into an almost 170-foot drop, reaching speeds more than 60 miles an hour. police are still investigating what exactly went wrong. we're told the park will be closed tomorrow. more sad news here.
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in northern california. two skydivers killed when their chutes failed to 70. police said their bodies were found in a vineyard. the federal aviation administration is now investigating. hundreds of honeybees on the attack in an oklahoma city parking lot. police say a man was selling his hives when the lid somehow got loose. it sent the bees into a frenzy. the swarm sent three people to the hospital. they had minor injuries, we're told. check this out. a billboard turning heads over s drivers near chicago say they're offended by the wording. the sign is the work of a non-profit group which is dedicated to changing the way muslims are portrayed in the media. hold on. >> no matter how many times you see that, that is some video there. a big surprise for some fishermen off the coast of san diego. they hooked that giant mako shark you see, jumping from the water several times there.
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the line 20 minutes later and went on its way. >>jon: yeah. and a good thing? >>shelby: what would they have done with it? >>jon: dehooking, okay. get out the gaff. no gaffes in the weather. look at that our signature building, 708 feet in the sky. dressed in purple, terminal tower, looking good on a gorgeous night. courtesy of our feazel roof cam. gosh, has i let's take a look at where we are. clouds, yep, a few out there. this is a fair weather night though. the clouds really aren't going to get in the way of some great sleeping weather. wait till you see the temperatures. little swipe across us right now and we're going to be dealing with another pleasant day tomorrow. though probably not quite as pleasant as today. let's take a look at where we slide through the night. 2:00 a.m., 69. 6:00 a.m., mid 60s.
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around here and many places in the upper 50s before the night is over. and the stars will be shooking and the sun will be returning tomorrow. what a contrast. a dozen degrees separating the 63 already at ashtabula. from our 75. sandusky, 75. lake erie water temperature at 78, reflection of the temperatures along the shoreline. and 72 at akron. 69 at canton. would've been a beautiful night to let that water get over the dam. fair and pleasantly cool tonight. we'll dip into the low 60s around here. akron-canton taking a dip into the upper 50s as the night wears on. so open those windows, enjoy the fact that an air conditioner and a fan will not be needed through the course of at least tonight. on lake erie tomorrow, northeast winds at five to 15 pick up, one to three footers may build. bit of a chop on the lake. you can get out there.
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30 feet. and there will be plenty of those out. water temperature at 78. again, we have been remarking on the fact that it's only within two degrees of the all time record of 80. 85 tomorrow. more sun than clouds. so we hit 83 today. we'll add a couple degrees tomorrow. it will feel a little bit more moist but still pleasant. it's not really a humid day until you head to tuesday. we're heading to 88 and you'll feel the humidity levels climb and a sun-cloud mix that includes sun to start and increasing clouds through the day. by tuesday night, can't rul a shower or thunderstorm. popping up hitter and on, here and there. 90 on wednesday. 18 days of 90 or hotter. certainly not out of the question on wednesday, thursday, 91. we'll be in this ballpark all the way through friday. pop-up storms from time to time. again, hit and miss variety stuff. you get heat, you get humidity. you get rising cooling condensing air and all of a
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trigger it off. 86 as we head to saturday. better chance of scattered variety showers. shower thunderstorm can't be ruled out on sunday. so we'll alert you on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday of the possibility of catching up on a rainfall deficit. when we certainly need some rain. there you have it. >>shelby: we certainly do. thank you. dozens of dancers headed downtown for the finals of the cavalier girls auditions. the dance team showing off the routines they learned yes a week of interviews and workshops. thers might earn spots with the monsters hokie girls dance team. best of luck. today was always the twelfth annual district street festival. the street was blocked off for life musk and all kinds of delicious food. street performers and the cutest dog contest. more than 12,000 people attend this event every single year. coming up next in sports, we hear from the green bay packers
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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responsible for the content of this advertising. >>mark: well, we wanted to play football tonight. so much for the nfl season kicking off in canton. after the field was deemed unsafe for the players to play on. now, this is a new field for that stadium. it's not the one they have usually had. they actually got it from new orleans. it was in the superdome last year. it did not react well to the paint when they were prepping. parts were sticky, parts were slippery. parts were like cement. hall of fame president david baker felt he had to act for players' safety. packers coach mcmccarthy
11:25 pm
the decision was made. i give, you know, the committee and everybody involved a lot of credit for making the right decision. so, it just wasn't -- the field wasn't where it needed to be. it's disappointing for the team to come down and play. very disappointed for our fans. just incredible to see the green and gold. everybody was there last night. i thought the ceremony last night was special. you kno unbelievable. >> the browns are not the only ones back in training camp. the buckeyes are back as well. ohio state took to the practice field today for the first time. they are ranked fifth in the preseason coaches poll. message from irv, push it to the edge and then push past it. >> the whole thing's going to be the edge. the edge is where average stops and elite begins. and the great players we have been around individuals, those are when they become their best
11:26 pm
the average person, the average player, the average coach, that's when they kind of shut her down because it gets real hard and uncomfortable. then that's where the elite starts to take off. >> edge or average stop and the league begins. for me, i think for a lot of the teammates, it is something that really hits home being that everybody can be pushed to a certain point. but whenever that point may be, and it's individual, whenever that point may be, you have to find a way to get through that. >> might as well mention the baseball team. indians looking to win a series. heading in today, they had one exactly one of the last four series they'd played in. today didn't go well either. cookie carrasco treated rudely by didi gregorius. new yorkers led 2-0. gregorius lobster ber thed the
11:27 pm
teixeira made it 3-0. would score ellsbury. then they just a gave the keys to masahiro tanaka. six innings, six hits, one run. he struck out eight. yankees win it 3-2. tribe could not do a thing with tanaka. >> every time we try to pull him, kind of played into his hand. we didn't make very many mistakes. got his pitch up a little bit. had a couple chances but, you knowe pitcher. like i said, even on day when he wasn't over powered, he knows how to pitch. >>mark: check out padres pitcher paul clemens. he has pine tar on his jersey. that is obviously a problem because the, he could doctor the ball. the umpire comes up, we got to do something about him. gave him a new jersey, a nice genetic generic one that just says player on the back. player. i don't know why it didn't say jersey. maybe that wasn't available.
11:28 pm
91. maybe just bring another shirt next time, mr. player. shelby, ever wonder what happens when cars and soccer collide? >>shelby: never thought about that before. >>mark: neither have i. here we are anyway. ? ? >>mark: this is glorious for so many reasons. first of all, who thinks of this?
11:29 pm
third, where did they get that crane? >>shelby: the questions are never ending. >>mark: how do they do all the driving and not hit anybody? it's amazing. and the music wand. >> it was great. >> they could run it again for all i care. >> we need to get involved next time. >> we need to do that next weekend. >>shelby: some extra cars. >>mark: somebody has a crane laying around, giant soccer ball. will be great. >>shelby: thank you for all
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>> wow. we were just saying, where do we begin to talk about the kind of day we had today? >>shelby: picturesque. beautiful. the whole weekend. >>jon: it was just, what was remarkable about it was the fact that the humidity levels were so low. >>shelby: you woke up saturday and it just was night and day difference. in a good way. >>jon: different world altogether. okay. there it is. i've got to look up and find out why purple is color. you know, there are reasons for these things. head to a night that takes us down into the mid 60s by 7:00 a.m. i'm thinking low 60s at many locations and some spots, especially away from the lake, will be in the upper 50s tonight. and that is really, really pleasant sleeping weather. and then what kind of a day tomorrow? well, let's go with 68 at 8:00. 76 at 11.
11:34 pm
and back down to 77 at 8:00. another very pleasant day. not quite as dry as today, but really very nice. 75. 67 at elegislaturia. 69 at akron-canton. 67 at mansfield. sandusky checking in at 75 and our producer just told me that terminal tower is purple for national purple heart day. boy, aren't producers great? i tell regional temperatures, we're in the mid 70s. look at all those 70s across the region. grand rapids checking in at 67. and 24 hours ago, we were four degrees warmer. and it gets nicer and nicer all the time. i'll recap the 7-day forecast, it's coming up in just a few. stick around for that. >>shelby: all right. last night we showed you an eye-opening investigation into online charity sites and how
11:35 pm
who betrayed her own friend following the loss of her son. tonight he's getting answers and how to protect yourself from falling victim to online charity fraud. >> family is your best friend. yet she doesn't have the money you collected from gofundme. what do you plan on doing? >> pamela webster began a gofundme account for the dekonig family. sally was pam's best friend. >> i thought my friend cared. >> the ant $1,200. but after weeks of asking and anxious to pay funeral bills, david's family got a tragic surprise. >> she gave us an envelope with $150 in it. which. >> the account online clearly shows there was $1,200. >> yeah. >>reporter: what david's family didn't know was that pam had money trouble. >> i notice in court that you have some back taxes due to pepper pike. they're taking you to mayfield court. is that where some of the money
11:36 pm
>> we don't know where the money went. after our confrontation, pam made good on the balance. but the case underscores that no matter how close a friend, check them out. court records are helpful and having more than one person in charge is critical, according to security expert. >> there needs to be some kind of monitoring. there's no real laws right now. >> translation, protect yourself. oftentimes money is selected from someone in one city for a person in another. so, bottom line is, federal, state or local authorities involved in almost impossible. as we say, protect yourself. getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19 in. the gofundme web site has an entire page dedicated to fraud and safety. if someone created a campaign on your behalf and you're having some issues, you can contact gofundme directly through the site and they say they will respond right away. it's something every mother and parent takes comfort in doing. bonding with their baby. but what if it challenging
11:37 pm
tragedy and then helping other parents bond with their babies. it's something she calls jojo hugs. tiffani tucker has the story. >> it was a shock to my husband and i both. >>reporter: at age 49, deb arm strong found out she was pregnant. the grandmother and mother of four adult children, her youngest at the time was 25 years old, says it was a complete surprise when she learned she was two and a half months pregnant. deb says at first she thought her cervical cancer she battled in the past had returned. >> she actuall ultrasound. and i saw a head. i saw shoulders. i saw an arm. i was telling them, you got the wrong room. >>reporter: now considered a high risk pregnancy because of her age, deb's doctors visits became routine of ultrasounds and stress tests. during one of those visitors, she learned her baby would likely be born with down syndrome and have heart issues. >> he had a hole in his heart. there was a seepage in one of the valves.
11:38 pm
ventricle. >> baby joseph arrived ten weeks early, weighing just two pounds three ounces. >> i think he was beautiful. he was breathing. he was, where you wanted to hold him but you couldn't. he was just way too fragile, too volatile. >> joseph was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit where he could be monitor, attached to several machines while inside the isolette. all the wires he was connected to and the blanket used to swaddle her baby to pick him up, fearing she would compromise his fragile body and set off alarms. it kept her from really bonding with joseph. jojo spent two months in the nicu. he finally came home and then a short time later had to be hospitalized again undergoing heart surgery. >> i saw my son's heart beat every day. every day, until it stopped beating. >> june 12th, 2011, baby joseph died in his mother's arms.
11:39 pm
>> my soul cracked. >>reporter: the darkest day, deb says, grieve no parent should have to go through losing their child. >> it was a serious pain. that truly never goes away. >>reporter: deb turned that pain into purpose. something she says jojo in his passing inspired her 20 do. by making blankets that give parents easier access to their babies in the isolette. e hugs. >> instead of swaddling the baby, you can unsnap, check to see what's been dislodged. take care of it. no need to reswaddle. just resnap. baby's nice and warm. >>reporter: an easy solution she says to those from precious bonding moments. blankets made in deb's home have already helped dozens of other parents. >> i think this was his purpose. and that it was his plan.
11:40 pm
there. missed birthdays, moments of not seeing her son grow up to be a man. but deb says her mission to help others is something baby joseph would want his mommy to do. >> i just keep feeling that he's hugging a lot of folks and that he's hugging a lot of babies. >> more than 2500 jojo hugs blankets will be used in a three year case study at a hospital out of state in their nicu. right now deb is not able to re till the study is complete. still ahead, questions tonight after a former olympic hero gets hurt while in jail.
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
>>shelby: welcome back. former olympic hero and convicted murderer oscar pistorius injured his wrist in his jail cell saturday. pistorius denied it was a suicide attempt but south african news report claims prison guards found two razor
11:44 pm
>>reporter: oscar pistorius denies he attempted to commit suicide and told prison officials he suffered the injuries on saturday after slipping and falling out of bed. however, a south african newspaper claims prison guards found two razor blades in his cell. prison authorities would not confirm those reports. the former track star was treated at a hospital and returned to his cell in the evening. there's been concern over his mental well-being. pistorius has his own cell and limited interaction with other inmates. back in july whee sentenced to six years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, a psychologist testified he was a broken man. pistorius maintains his girlfriend's death was an accident. pistorius became the first double amputee to compete against able bodied runners in the 2012 olympics and before killing his girlfriend, pistorius was planning to retire after competing in the rio games. pope francis continues his progressive reign there week, appointing a panel to study the
11:45 pm
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>>shelby: pope francis has given his blessing to begin the consideration of the idea of women in the clergy. it's a move that both shocked
11:49 pm
>>reporter: pope francis says his decision came after intense prayer and mature reflection. to appoint a panel to study the idea of women deacons in the roman catholic church. religion professor phyllis zagano is the only american on the commission and says she's been waiting for this moment for years. >> the church would be making a great statement about the dignity and place of women in the world. >>reporter: known for his progressive francis' decision to look into the possibility of women deacons differs from the views of his predecessors. he first entertained the idea last may after meeting with a group of women from various religious orders. the idea for the commission originally came from the nuns, not the pope himself. he agreed to the study but the vatican says not to expect change any time soon. deacons are ordained ministers who can preach as well as preside over weddings and
11:50 pm
historians say the idea of women in this role is not new to the catholic faith. >> there are several popes in the middle ages who wrote to bishops giving them the authority to ordain women as deacons. >> so there is a precedent for this? >> there is great precedents for including women. >> zagano said the idea can transform not only how women are seen in the church but in society as well. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. music is not just a part of brawlan games. we're taking it to rio de
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
>> we're getting first look at the mcdonald's of the future and this is really something you should see, especially fast food fans here. this first one opened up in st. joseph, missouri. it includes custom order kiosks as well as high tech play areas for your kids. there's each a dessert bar, you
11:54 pm
it also offers burgers with options like guacamoley. >> your bun, artisan roll is my favorite but the new lettuce wrap. >> the chain says it wants to compete with restaurants like red robin and panera. the hands down favorite of the mcdonald's of the future is of course those unlimited fries there. the olympic games are about more than just a sport. it's about the culture of the host country. in brazil, that can b complicated, especially when it comes to music. jamie yuccas is in rio de janeiro. >>reporter: when you think of rio de janeiro, it's hard not to think of a party. the opening ceremony put brazilian culture on display. that's called favela funk music. but many rio favela residents are upset at ludmilla. she only sang the festive chorus.
11:55 pm
struggling with violence and drug traffickers. >> the rest of the song questions relationship with the government state. we believe it was censored. >>reporter: well known funk musician mano techo uses music to criticize the government. he says the highlighting of funk at the olympics is hypocritical. >> the people are prohibited to listen to funk in their own houses in the favela. >> like american hip-hop, funk points out problems within the government, but unl united states, brazil has criminalized the musk. >> many times we see mcs being shot down or have their equipment burned. >> call activists are fighting for funk to be open to everyone. they hope the genre in the opening ceremony is progress. >> it's a great show case for them to be able to be a part of a big event like the olympics and be able to show their arts. >> but for teche, he plans to
11:56 pm
in rio de janeiro, jamie yuccas, cleveland 19 news. let's get a final check of the weather here. >>jon: pleasant day tomorrow. mid 80s. more sun than clouds. and then humidity builds on tuesday as we head into the upper 80s. wednesday, 90. periods of showers and storms show up and they'll be hit and miss variety. alerting you to that. on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. each day as these temperatures climb and the humidity dolls as well, could shower or storm. >>shelby: we can use that rain. >>jon: soak in the corn and soybeans and lawns and. >> on your windows tonight. thanks for watching tonight. a guest editorial is next. news continues at 4:30. >> hi, i'm becky carlino madigan with volunteers of america of greater ohio. school supplies are part of the building blocks of a child's education.
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after all the drama, the bachelorette gets her man. we've got jo jo and jordan today. >> he did so good. >> and one big wedding surprise. >> this weekend on "extra" -- ? bachelorette jo jo and her fiance jordan rogers in our hot seat. dishing on his family drama. do they want kids? and can we get them to say i do right here? >> this is an "extra" exclusive. then simon cowell horrified as a dangerous flaming arrow stunt goes incredibly wrong right in front of his eyes. terror on "america's got talent." >> then i realized they were


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